Tactical Aid Group

Training Territorial Defence Forces in Kyiv Oblast

TAG recently spent 5 days in the Kyiv Oblast embedded the Ukrainian Territorial Defence Force (TDF). Three separate groups were trained in weapons handling, fighting positions, tactical movements, Close Quarter Battle and vehicle combat training.

After short sessions on weapons handling to determine readiness, the TAG training team taught each group tactical movements and fighting positions. Buddy and team bounding were reviewed and practiced, as well as staggered column and diamond formations. Reaction to contact drills were run, including near ambush, tactical withdrawl, flank maneuvers.

Close Quarters Combat drills were conducted in a small building at the training facility. Team stacking, breaching, and popping corners were covered. Vehicle combat training included dismounting, taking cover, and defending position.

Each group ended their training by running simulations using the tactics in which they had been trained. TAG will return to these groups in the near future and provide more advanced training to continue their development.